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Quest Ready for Use      - September 5, 2011
Users can get material from different categories, reply to existing content. In forums can start discussion on any topic or questions. These are list of categories available in quest Civil Services, Group I, CS, Spoken English, CBSE, Group II, CA User Forums to start new thread get replies from other users. Users are required to register in quest to post new thread or reply
New Feature: Guest Reply      - March 20, 2013
Good news for visitors/UN-register users/Guest Users. We have introduced new feature in QUEST for replying a Thread. Now all guest users can reply to any thread without login to QUEST. User can view the Thread if interested to reply can reply by clicking on Guest Reply bottom at the bottom of Thread. Please provide your feedback through below link. http://quest.smar.in/questroom/Contact.aspx
Search option provided in all forms      - December 11, 2011
Search option has been provided in all form with two options Exactly and Like. Exactly: The search engine search for all the given text match. Like: The search engine search for any word match. If you find any issues please contact using 'Contact' link provided on the footer of every page
New look while posting user comments in quest      - January 24, 2012
As users are facing difficulty or error to post their comments. We have provide new features while posting comments.